Guide Client Testimonials

"Having never hired a guide before, I was a bit skeptical since I have been fishing for 40+ years. This being my second time fishing with you, I have learned more than I ever expected about catching bass. It is obvious by the 20+ fish we caught; you have a vast knowledge of bass fishing, and excellent equipment from the boat to an enormous amount of tackle. What we liked most is your unselfishness in sharing it. Thanks again, we look forward to many more times on the water with you." - Mike Roberts

"Tom worked extremely hard all day to ensure that my son and I had a good time and had the opportunity to catch fish. The timing of our trip wasn't ideal, but Tom's effort got us the results we had hoped for - a day full of bass catching." - Geoff P. of Riverside, CA

"We wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these big bass in San Diego and Tom Lowery didn't disappoint. My 65 year old father caught the biggest bass of his life." - Ken B. of Concord, NH

"I've always struggled to wrap my head around the carolina rig, but a short one-hour session with Tom at El Capitan fixed that." - Randall T. of San Diego, CA

"Rather than spend $150 on an aluminum rental boat at Diamond Valley I decided to hire Tom and I'm sure glad I did, not only is his boat a whole lot nicer than the rental boats but Tom led us right to the fish and showed us exactly how to catch them." - Ted C. of Los Angeles, CA

Marketing Testimonials

"Tom's energy and passion for the sport, coupled with his sales experience make him the ideal individual if you're looking to spread the word about a fishing related product or service." - Kellen Ellis of SDFish.com

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Photos of satisfied guide clients