Fishing Technique Instruction

technique-instructionAn angler learning to carolina-rig at El Capitan

Stop doing it WRONG!

Have you ever heard other anglers talking about how they're catching fish and have no idea what they're talking about? Did you see something in the fishing tackle section at the sporting goods store and wonder how it works? Did you see Bill Dance catching bass on TV using a particular technique but have been unable to catch fish with it yourself?

These are things that all of us have faced at some point or another, and that's why I offer these special instructional sessions on. At a low rate of $60 per hour (2hr min), I can show you HOW to fish a particular bait or perfect a technique out on the water.

Confidence is one of the most important (if not the most) aspects to bass fishing. A day of bass fishing entails hundreds or thousands of casts, and even on a great day there will be more failed casts than positive ones. Having the confidence to stick with a presentation long enough to experience success is absolutely crucial to a successful day on the water.

The trouble with learning new techniques is you'll start out with doubts about whether or not you're "doing it right." Then, if you go 10, 15, 20 minutes without a positive result (a bite) those doubts begin to pull at you until you give up and tie on something that you have more confidence in. But my technique instruction sessions will ensure that those doubts are replaced with confidence. After you leave you'll know that you're "doing it right."

Whether you want to see a technique utilized in person, or want to perfect a technique that you've had marginal success with, these sessions are the best way to put those doubts to rest and get the confidence you need to start having success.

Photos of satisfied guide clients