Private fishing lessons customized to meet your goals

Don't know where to start, what to buy, where to fish, how to cast? IMG_1344

Then you need a lesson. I do these sessions at the water's edge at Lake Murray in La Mesa, CA or Santee Lakes. Based upon the information I gather from you, these 1-3 hour sessions are customized to what you want to learn. Think of them as a one-on-one seminar focused on exactly what you want and need to learn with a hands on approach. If you want to learn to cast, proper equipment, tackle, how to fish, and more this is the type of instruction you need. The goal of these lessons are not to catch fish, but teach you the fundamentals of fishing so you can fish more efficiently the next time you go out fishing.

These are different from on the water technique instruction sessions that I also offer, this is an affordable way to gain the knowledge that will allow you to enjoy the sport of fishing and above all...catch fish!

CALL me and will plan your personal lesson.

Photos of satisfied guide clients