TomLoweryFishing and Captain Clowers Join Forces

I am really happy to announce I am joining forces with my lifelong friend Captain Alan Clowers. TomLoweryFishing is now offering  FULL SERVICE SALTWATER FISHING TRIPS.

San Diego Bay has a large variety of fish to catch, you can catch up to 75 fish a day (on a good photo6
day). The bay is a nice place to take your kids on a trip to teach them the basics of catching fish.
The species in the bay consist of; Spotted Bay Bass, SandBass, Halibut, Corbina, Bone Fish, 
Mackeral, and many other great fighting and eating saltwater fish.  You can also venture outside 
of the bay to the kelp beds where you'll find; Yellow Tail, Calico Bass, Bonita, Barricuda, and 
Alan's personal favorite - White Sea Bass. A bit further out, are the Coronado Islands where you'll 
find; some of the same above mentioned kelp fish and even some Yellow Fin Tuna. And at the 
Outer Banks there are; Albacore, Bluefin, Yellow Fin, Dorado, Mako and Thresher Sharks.

Give us a call to plan your trip!