New Sponsor - BOAT BLING

I am pleased to announce a new sponsor – Boat Bling   


This product is simply AWESOME! I am excited to work with Boat Bling and would not use any other products when cleaning and protecting the finish on my boat.  

Boat Bling Inc. was proudly established in 2004 by Tom Kruse and Patrick Jones, two boat fanatics and friends with a desire to offer premium products for the boating enthusiast. From originality, production, style, class and service, all Boat Bling products are the results of a never ending pursuit to be the best with the absolute top customer service, PERIOD.

Boat Bling has shot to the top of the industry with the revolutionary Hot Sauce, a specifically formulated hard water spot remover with wax. Boat Bling is the hard water experts. The Hot Sauce is complemented by five other award winning products that make up the entire SAUCE Premium Detailing Product Line. Its time for you to GET SAUCED with the Best of the Best!hotsauce

Hot Sauce - Premium Hard Water Spot Remover

This is the flagship product of the Sauce line. Sure, you can say you have tried it all, but once you try HOT Sauce, you're old products will just begin to collect dust on your shelves.

What you need to know:
- Removes hard water spots and mineral deposits
- Safe, soft water based detailer with specialty Polymer waxes
- Will NOT strip your current wax, adds additional wax with each use
- Designed for Fiberglass, Plastic, Chrome, Glass and all painted surfaces
- Spray on, wipe off Application
- Available in Quart (32oz), Gallon (128oz) Bottles and 5 Gallon (640oz)