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El Capitan Guide Trip Report - 2/25/12

Sunday, February 26, 2012

IMG 3875Fun day on the water with Rob. Fishing was a bit slow for this time of year. I feel like I have been fishing the "winter" pattern for ever. It's alomost March! The water is warming and we did see signs of spring but the Bass are still in winter mode. There are some small fish up shallow and the bait is shallower than it was. We started our day with the Huddlestone Trout ROF5 8in Swimbait. Rob was looking for that BIG bite....but we had no love. We found the worm bite to be a bit slow so we switched over to reaction baits.

The A-rig, ice jig, and a deep crankbait. Rob got his first a-rig and ice jig fish today and was stoked! We saw the ice jig fish on the graph eat the bait which is really cool. My favorite thing about the A-rig is they bites are so strong it make you jump...they hit it so hard! Also, the A-rig is a big fish catcher. Rob lost a giant and a guy near us boated a fish over 6lbs. 

The Bass are ready for Spring. With warming water and the Full Moon coming soon things are about to get real fishy!

Good Luck!



55 degree water and using your electronics

Monday, February 06, 2012

Hey Bass Kings! Winter fishing is still here but not for much longer. We are all waiting for the water to warm up a few IMG_3870more degrees and trigger the bass to move shallow. The Bass are waiting too!

Winter fishing can be a challenge but you can increase your success by using good electronics. Besides the swimbait fish most of my Winter Bass have been coming from 25-45 ft of water. Some on the bottom and some suspended well off the bottom. With the use of good electronics you can "catch them off the graph" if you know what to look for.

These beauties and a few more were all caught "off the graph" on 3 different baits. To learn more about using your electronics to catch more fish book a trip with me.



Fishing Lessons Anyone?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I had 2 "FISHING INSTRUCTION" trips last weekend and they were great. This popular on the water Fishing Instruction session is much different than a traditional Guided Trip. We fished but the focus was learning. I did teach; proper equipment, line, seasonal patterns, finding "spots", how to use ALL the different baits we use, when to use them and why, structure fishing, fishing during the spawn, boat position and why it matters, swimbait fishing, how to catch big fish, and yes I shared a few secrets too.

If you want to improve your skills with these baits and more call me!





Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Bass Kings! Sorry about the clarity of this was raining. I finally got out to throw the Swimbait ALL day. I fished Lake Otay from 7am - 4pm. 4 bites 2 fish. The fish in this film was the 4 lber. I had to stop filming because it got too wet. I caught another fish close to 6 lbs later. I was using a 8in Huddleston ROF 12 and 25 lb green Maxima mono. My friend Kevin makes a Bad Ass rod and I am using it here. The rod is a 7ft 10in heavy swimbait rod. Enjoy...


PreSpawn - too early?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey Bass Kings! Had a fun day with my friend Matt out on El Cap. Although fishing was tough it was Matt's turn to catch not 1 but 2 fish over 5 lbs. This lake has changed so much the last few weeks. The water is now super clear. The breakin fish are pretty much done. There are lots of fish suspended. We got bit in 20ft of water on this day. I can just feel the fish are just waiting for Spring and warmer water temps. "Prespawn" is approaching fast!

First fish at 11am!  Just under 6lbs                       #2 on the last cast of the day around 3:00pm just over 5lbs

Both released and still swimming!

IMG_3735  IMG_3748


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