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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The post spawn is here and fishing is still pretty good. Before the crazy

photodvlwwtourney4lberphoto11Algae Bloom DVL we were catching em good on senkos and drop shotting. 

Over at Lake X the Bass are eating everything; topwater, jerkbaits, senkos, and the drop shot. 

Down at Otay there is a really good bite and the grass is starting to grow. Those Otay Bass love the grass but you must know how to fish it. 

El Cap is also really good right now. Try topwater baits near the shallow brush in the morning then fish the drop shot or trig worm down to 20ft. Find the bait and you will find the Bass.  photoeric2

Good Luck!


SPRING REPORT and what's to come...

Monday, May 14, 2012

San Diego Lakes Spring bass fishing has been really good this year. El Capitan, Otay, Sutherland, and even Hodges! The nice thing about San Diego Bass fishing is there is always a bite year round. We had a great wintertime spoon and swimbait bite, a good pre spawn worm and jig bite, and good fishing during the spawn. Many of my Guide Trips were people just starting to Bass fish and now they are hooked! My “lesson” trips during spring were also popular for people looking to learn/improve a technique. So Spring has sprung and Bass are almost done spawning..... now what?  

IMG 0016

Well, it’s time to change your approach. Post spawn Bass can be a challenge at times but the months following spring can make for some great fishing. I like the post spawn because it calls for a dramatic change of tactics andeach trip to the lake can be a new bite. You will find bass in a wide range of patterns and on the move. Right now, Bass are guarding “fry”, chasing shad,chasing bluegil and moving. It’s a great time to try new baits or baits you don’t usually fish. Now is the time to throw “reaction” baits and it won’t be long before a topwater bite is full speed. 

This time of year I return to the spawning areas and I look for signs of life. Move quickly until you find birds, bait, grass, etc... and you will find the bass. A little wind and a long cast help too. They are still shallow and a bit spooky so when the wind blows it stirs things up and they can’t detect you as much. As we get closer to summer you will find fish in a wide range of depths. The lake structure and shad movement will influence patterns/lure selection. For example, Otay will have more grass than El Cap

IMG 0002

and those Otay Bass love the grass. Lures that fish well in the grass like frogs, flukes, and weedless swimbaits will work well. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and jerkbaits fished around bushes will get bites at El Capitan, Sutherland, and Hodges.

These longer days and warm weather can also make for some incredible evening bites. So when 3pm rolls around and you’re thinking of heading home stick around. That last hour of the day can be awesome fishing!



Monday, April 23, 2012

DVL is crazy good right now. If you want the fishing trip of a lifetime give me a call...I can't say much because of all the tournaments going on. Here are some pics from the last few won't last forever!


it was so good Mike went twice!


trip #2-




Guide Trip report - El Cap! 4/1

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here is Lon from texas. He was impressed with our clear water and watching Bass eat his lure. All fish were very shallow; senkos, ika, and a small jerkbait caught day!



Guide Trip Report - Lake Otay 3/25

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I had the pleasure of fishing and teaching Chris today at Lake Otay. Otay is a special place for me because thtas where I started. Chris is new to Bass Fishing but a very skilled saltwater angler. The Bass are in full spawn mode and there were fish on beds and lotsa fish cruising the shallows. We sight fished for a bit but opted to try different techniques so that Chris would learn other stuff besides just catching the bed fish. He did get this nice crappie on a bed!

IMG 3975

His first bite of the morning was a good fish and on the senko....but the fish broke off after coming to the surface. Bummer!

We threw the senko, dropshot, crig, crankbait, and jerkbait. I did some teaching on equipment, line, lakes, and baits to use. Hit alot of spots and caught a few small ones on the jerkbait then the front moved in.

I have never in my life seen the wind blow from the South as hard as it did this day. We returned to the senko and that was what they wanted. We fished a protected area and Chris caught a few more. All our fish came shallow less than 7ft of water. 

I really enjoyed today and fishing with a guy that was so appreciative of our surroundings and just being out on the water. 



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