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Winter Report and What's to Come

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

San Diego City Lakes Winter Bass Fishing has been good with the best bite going at the Red Hot El Capitan Lake. It’s nice living in a place where you can fish and catch Bass year round! The bite at El Capitan has been crazy.

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Recently, a 32lb 5 fish limit took 1st place at the National Bass West Team Tournament with limits of 20lbs plus common. I have had many days of quality 15lb plus limits of Bass during a time of year usually considered “slow”. In typical fashion, the Bass have been gorging on Shad and Crayfish getting fat and healthy for the upcoming spring. For the last several weeks I have caught em shallow on Crankbaits, small swimbaits, Jig and craws, and drop shot. My bigger fish have come very early and again at mid day. The deep bite for me has been the best from 8-10am on a Carolina rig and drop shot watermelon and green pumpkin plastic baits.  Also, the Umbrella Rig and Rapala Ice Jig have been great fish catchers on the right school of deep water suspended Bass.  This time of year my Lesson trips have helped Anglers learn the deep “offshore” bite that is often overlooked or a new technique like the Rapala Ice jig. Don’t look now but things are about to change….SPRING IS COMING!

Yes Spring is the time of year all Bass Anglers wait for. February – May will offer San Diego Anglers very good Bass fishing at all San Diego City Lakes. As the water temps get warmer Bass will start moving shallow. They won’t all rush the banks at once. During the pre-spawn Bass will be “staging” on the outside points, channels, and breaklines along the banks where they will be spawning. This is a great time of year to catch a Giant. Big fish will be staging in waters a bit deeper than the keeper size fish roaming the shallows. Most productive techniques will be fishing on the bottom with a drop shot rig, Carolina Rig, or other soft plastic baits and the always reliable senko. Large Swimbaits will also catch big bass looking for an easy meal before moving on the beds to spawn. I like to throw a texas rigged 9in fat worm and crawl it slowly from deep to shallow. Once the spawn is on shallow Bass will be very aggressive striking many lures that invade their homes.

Spring is a great time to introduce our sport to a friend or a kid new to Bass fishing. Visit one of our local San Diego tackle shops and get geared up!  



ABA Tournament 12/29/12 Lake El Capitan

Friday, January 04, 2013

We were on em good all month. Fished with my friend Art Bailey. Caught our fish on the Trip Jig, Ice Jig, C-rig, Phenix Jig, and drop shot Robo worm. Our limit went 22.78lbs and we had big fish of the tournament with the 8 lber. Here are some pic's-

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December Fishing

Friday, January 04, 2013

Fishing has been excellent this winter. Better than expected really. Guide trips and my tournament went well. We have beend catching them mostly deep and suspended over deep water. Using my Lowrance Electronics and following the shad have been the most important factors to success. Here are some pictures-

jerredphotodaneilphoto mike5lbermeartpracticephoto  547387 3478510101953_1855839107_n


NBW Tournament at El Cap 12/1/12

Monday, December 03, 2012

I have been fishing tournaments since 1986. I have won a bunch of times, have a trophy room full of plaques and pictures of very memorable days on the water. There are only a handful of days that have been "magical". Days that I will never forget....last Saturday December 1st was one of those days.

We had been practicing El Cap for weeks and catching them pretty good. Our pattern was a mix of chasing the schooling "breakin" fish, fishing crankbaits and plastics on shallow rocks, and fishing very specific isolated structure in 30-40ft of water. The Bass have been at all depths. The shallow fish seemed to be one here one there. But the deep fish were bunched up and if you caught one you could catch many more. My partner Matt Luna and I knew we were gonna get em but we also knew we would need some big bites to win. 

36 boats showed up to do battle for the National Bass West Team event at El Capitan Lake. We were the 7th boat out and got our spot we wanted. I broke the first fish off at it felt like a good one. It was a slow start and we only caught 2 there. I knew if we did not load the boat quick we would be on the move the rest of the day. We chased the breakers for a while but they were being really picky. We picked up a crankbait fish shallow so now we have 3. We ran around hitting a handful of spots and had about a 13lb limit at 10:30am.

Then the magic happend. From 11am - 1:00pm we caught an amazing number of fish and they were all big. We culled everything in the livewell and put two 4lbers, a 5lb, a 6lb and a 7lb fish in the boat. We were catching 3lb ers and just tossing them back. All these bass came on 2 different baits fished on the bottom from 30-42ft of water. It was not just us....the whole lake was on fire. It took 20lbs for a check and over 18lbs to make the top 10. The winners had 31lbs! For a December tournament these weights were incredible. I was super stoked to see my kids on the dock at weigh in and share this with them. Here are some pic's-

DSCN0664         DSCN0680

Happy Holidays!



November/December Fishing

Monday, December 03, 2012

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The Bass are on the shad, schooling shallow and deep. Some days can be a challenge but once you find the most productive areas you can catch fish for weeks. I use my electronics alot during this time of year. Here are a few highlights-

this is a school of bass feeding on shad...                               scrounger swimbait fished on the bottom...

IMG 2937IMG 2940

crankbait fish...                                                                              Rapala Ice Jig...
IMG 2933IMG 2941


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