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Tournament Report - NBW Otay March 27th

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A lesson was learned.  We had a great practice leading up to the tournament but what we did not expect was the conditions to change.  Otay in March means the spawn is on and there are also "outside" fish to be caught.  There was also "fry" in the water tight against the tules.  Pre-spawn, spawn, and postspawn are all in effect in different areas of the lake.  We had both sight fish and good quality 3-4lb worm fish coming out of 10ft-15ft of water.  It typically takes over 20lbs to win this event.  We had 8 spots to fish, 5 stretches of bank with sight fish and about 12 gps fish marked.  The morning started out bad because our first spot produced no bites.  

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